Battle 7v7 tournament

Every participant will be required to check-in at the registration table. Please arrive an hour before game time to allow time for the registration process. Battle 7v7 events strive to ensure fair and equitable play.

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As such, we will check to ensure all players meet the age requirements by division. All players will be banded during registration. If found guilty of using players, both players and team will be eliminated immediately.

battle 7v7 tournament

HS — Must have a picture ID along with a document demonstrating the player is in a class below No graduating seniors can play. Must be able to demonstrate age with picture ID. Examples include any government-issued ID, birth certificate along with a picture ID, etc. Punting the Ball will result in a personal foul, if on a change of possession, the penalty will result in a loss of down and the ball placed on the 40yd line. Over Time Penalties All regulation rules and penalties apply.

If a player throws a punch, he is ejected immediately and cannot return for the tournament.

battle 7v7 tournament

If the team benches clear and it results in a fight both of the teams will be ejected and cannot return. Each team is responsible for their fans, coaches and players! We encourage celebrations. However, we do not tolerate taunting. Keep it fun and keep it quick so as not to unnecessarily delay game play.

If during a celebration you pass the other teams hash, you will be penalized for taunting. Each Player must have a mouthpiece and wristband to compete!

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Your browser does not support the video tag. There will be a coin flip before each game for 1st possession on day one and on day two the higher seed will choose which team gets the ball first ex.All Rights Reserved. Powered by WordPress.

Our Team Contact Athlete Form. Oregon Oregon Posts tagged "7v7". The elite coaching staff had a chance to work out and evaluate some of the top prospects in the area. Reno, Nevada is home to one of the fastest rising off-season football programs in the west region, The Reno Heat Ballers. Year in and year out Oregon continues to impress from a talent stand point.

The class of only helps reinforce the potential success with the years ahead. This past weekend the group backed up the hype, going a combinedwith the EForce Underclassmen making an unprecedented run to the semifinals. That said as the EForce Football, led by head coach Alex Brink, backed up their final four run from a year ago and once again The kids out of Oregon are heading back to Vegas after last years record setting run.

On paper the group has the potential of being the most talented team ever to represent the state. Head Coach Alex Brink is once again leading the Upperclassmen group, with the final four performance from last The tournament was stacked with players from all over Northern California representing various 7v7 teams.

13U Miami Gardens Ravens going for the 3peat v Southeast Dallas Wolverines - Battle YNC Championship

It was fun to see guys from rival We were not disappointed as the day was filled with quality competition and good vibes. Visit Averystrongdipg.Teams will provide their own jersey and must wear regular football helmets. Team Awards. The Nations longest running 7v7 Tournament for youth and Middle School TEams Coach must submit the following forms for all participants.

School Teams do not need.

7on7 Association Battle At The Border

Big Man Battle Release Forms. Team information sheets. Registration Includes:Team info and fees. This is an exciting opportunity for your team, as well as fun for everyone. Every passing game will have a lineman competition during halftime. They will compete against the same team your passing team is playing. This allows the crowd to enjoy both events, along with building team unity. Seeing the skill players cheer on their linemen is a GOOD thing! This also allows position coaches to see and help each other during both events.

Summer Shootout. All players must have each of the following. Original forms can and will be emailed to coach, staff, or school for registration. All teams must have registration information and payment before deadline to participate. All teams must have forms turned in and checked two hours prior to first game. TN Elite 7v7 Team Red. Teams getting a jump on the opponents.

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All forward passes only. No hand-offs, just forward passes and shuttle passes. If he doesn't, it will be considered a sack where he is standing. Once the entire sled is across the goal line the time stops. The second lineman will then push it back to the enzone. Each will do this until the sixth man crosses the endzone completely. All 5 players for each team will compete.

battle 7v7 tournament

The most wins by a team is the winner. Mike Oglesby at Pro Stitch. Rusty Wallace Honda. Rusty Wallace KIA. Youth 12U. Definitely a super team building day for us It allowed every kid a chance to do something. All three parts of the game are played.This is Evolutions 4th year of competing in 7on7. We started this journey 4 years ago with one High School team of 9 athletes, with no idea of what we were stepping into.

At Evolution our core purpose is to focus on fundamentals of each skill position. Our practices are thoughtfully planned through with an intense fundamental approach; i. Playing 7on7 is a unique opportunity for players to bond with other athletes across the Valley, they would usually compete against in the fall.

We are proud to say we have now grown to a total of 4 teams and can confidently say we are one of the top programs in the Northwest!

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The tryout at BSU had over athletes show up to compete for a spot. We anticipate participation this year to be much higher. The 7on7 trend has taken hold nationally and it is an amazing opportunity for your athlete to play against some of the top talent in the country. When we say top talent, we mean it! Because of this, it garners a lot of attention from college coaches for recruiting purposes. Are we saying your athlete will be recruited?

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Absolutely not, however, these tournaments can increase their exposure and open doors to more opportunities. Our teams have a max of 14 athletes with coaches per team. Our coach to athlete ratio provides a better opportunity for your athlete to get individual coaching and lots of repetition. In there will be a representative from sports.

EMAIL [email protected]

His name is Brandon Huffman. He is responsible for all of the star rankings for players in the Northwest. He will be evaluating the teams and players. In addition to doing write ups on the individual teams and players and doing social media posts on the players. Tournaments are usually 1-day events.

The athletes will play on turf and grass fields.Battle Points will be extremely important in determining the draft order for pool play seeding at the draft party. Referee fees are included in registration fees. November 1, 7pm EST — Teams that registered with a deposit must be paid in full to secure the spot you were holding.

Any new teams registering after this date must pay in full. Below are the different divisions we offer for many of our styles along with who is expected to participate in each.

The top division with teams who are used to competing at the National and International level, featuring top cash prizes and the best athletes in the world.

Points and bids are awarded to this division.

battle 7v7 tournament

This division is for teams who may be top teams in their area and very experienced with top athletes, but no National experience or missing some key contributors to make a PRO run. This division is for teams who are possibly experienced and still competitive, but newer as a team or lacking the top athletes to push the top divisions. Our division for players 35 years of age or older.

Age cutoff is the first date of tournament play, so if you are not 35 by that day you are not eligible to play in this division. Click here to find a home or hotel! Games will run late Sunday. To ensure our event is of the highest quality and best overall experience for the players and staff, we have implemented hard division caps for how many total teams we can accept in each.

We are expecting each division to fill completely before the registration deadline, so make sure you register ASAP to avoid being left out. Pool Play Seeding is based on when you select your first game on media night during the draft party. Team A has the least Battle Points and selects first, and is on the clock 1 minute to decide. They select the 5th seed on the schedule so they can start at a later time. Team B is up next, and selects the 1st seed to avoid being in the same pool as Team A.

Team C is up next, and decides they want to bump Team A out of their spot and steals the 5th seed. Team A then is forced to take an open spot on the board, and selects the 2nd seed place themselves in the same pool as Team B who they think they matchup well against. This continues all the way through the draft until the last 3 teams are left. The team they bump would have to take the last open spot on the board, and the draft would be complete! It is a fun way to select your pool play positions and gives each team some input on when, where and who they play!

Click here for more information on how and why we use pool play for our major tournaments. You can still play in multiple styles that may overlap, but we cannot guarantee anything and will not be accommodating any schedule requests. You CAN play in multiple formats though i. The number of teams that make playoffs will be determined solely by the number of teams in each pool.

NOTE that this is a slight change from previous events, where we would take the top teams across all divisions, and now it is based on your pool performance specifically.

The breakdown is as follows:.


The team captain will receive a Paid Bid Registration Code by email, which you will use to register your team during this priority registration week. If you have a half or partial paid bid, you will still have a balance that will need to be paid by November 1st to secure your spot in the World Championships.Battle Vegas 7v7 tournament two-day contest, held at All American Park in Summerlinpitted 31 teams who were invite-only against each other in a highly-competitive field of high school football players.

Showcased were some top-ranked players in the country, many with several Division-1 offers and others looking to get noticed by prominent colleges for football scholarships. Las Vegas high schools exhibited some of their most-skilled athletes with strong performances out of several Division-1 ready players as well as some younger revelations. The Phase 1 football team, led by owner and head coach Mike Waterswent overall and was surprisingly knocked out in the first round on Day 2 after a close loss to Heir Black The team, however, was comprised of several top prospects with nationwide appeal.

The quarterback threw for yards and a touchdown and rushed for on seven carries in a rout of the Bulldogs. Fiaseu has drawn interest from schools like Oregon and Boise State. Alejado more than held his own at the 7v7 tournament against varsity high school players. He showed an incredible ability to make the big throws, as well as a scrambling ability and making throws on the move. Despite his young age, Alejado is considered one of the most exciting high school quarterback prospects along with Arch Manningthe nephew of Super Bowl -winning quarterbacks Peyton and Eli Manning.

The two young passers are widely considered to be the top two quarterbacks in their age group. Battle was a former national sponsor for Pylon up until this year when the company decided to split and do their invitation-only 7v7 tournament. Despite this decision, Pylon is still considered the mecca of 7v7 tournaments, and the competition this weekend is sure to intensify and see top high school recruits looking to stand above the rest to find scholarships and play at the next level.

Las Vegas! There are multiple televisions to watch all the games. Charleston Boulevard, Las Vegas, Nevada Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. By Leo Schauer. Micah Alejado Despite his young age, Alejado is considered one of the most exciting high school quarterback prospects along with Arch Manningthe nephew of Super Bowl -winning quarterbacks Peyton and Eli Manning.

Stayed tuned HSFootball fans! Share this: Tweet.The Youth National Championship is an elite series that has been created to provide a platform for pure non-all-star youth football teams to compete at a national level in a well-organized and professional manner.

The series will crown a true National Champion at every age level from 6UU. What is the difference between the YNC and other tournaments? The YNC is a series and not a stand-alone tournament. As a result, the competition at the YNC will be unrivaled.

Additionally, the YNC has partnered with Generation Nexxt and Under The Radar to provide exposure to the top players and teams around the country in a comprehensive and professional manner. What should I expect the competition to be like in the YNC? Only those teams who have demonstrated the ability to compete at the highest levels will be invited to play. Virtually every top team in the nation has already committed to play in the YNC.

If you want to play the best, you are going to find it here. How do I get my team invited to a YNC series event? The short answer is to win. Top teams will be selected based on how they play in season and their ability to compete for a conference title. This approach ensures top competition at every series event. What type of behavioral environment is the YNC trying to create? The YNC is committed to developing a youth football environment that teaches young men the beauty of sacrifice, commitment, education, dedication, teamwork and family.

The YNC has a zero tolerance policy for unprofessional, violent or threatening behavior. The YNC will not accept behavior on field or online that is not professional.

Be intense, be passionate, coach your young men up but keep in mind the importance of all our words and actions. All rosters as of the second game of the season must be submitted to the YNC when requested. The rosters cannot be changed for any reason after they are submitted to Team Sideline.


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